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Echo PB 2520


  • Engine displacement 25.4cc
  • Output 0.66 /0.92
  • Air volume 570m3/H
  • Maximum air speed 81.4 m/sec
  • Fuel tank capacity 0.50 litres
  • Fuel consumption 0.50 L/h
  • Dry Weight 4.3kgs

The PB-250 is a powerful 25.4cc, two-stroke handheld power blower. Grouped controls, including a throttle with “Cruise Control”, are easy to reach and allow comfortable operation. The exhaust directs emissions away from the user while the see-through fuel tank means it’s easy to see fuel levels. EZ lock keeps the blower pipe secured to the machine. The Posi-loc™ Pipe System ensures a secure connection between sections of the pipe.

Echo EH-ES-250ES


  • Engine displacement 25.4cc
  • Output 0.72kw
  • Air volume 576m3/H
  • Maximum air speed 81.7m/sec
  • Fuel tank capacity 0.50 litres
  • Fuel consumption 0.52 L/h
  • Dry Weight 5.7kgs
Powered by a 25.4cc two-stroke engine and featuring Easy Start for easy starting, the Shred ‘N’ Vac® clears leaves and other garden debris quickly and efficiently. It also shreds the material, reducing its volume 12:1.The ES-250ES can also be converted into a blower.

Gardencare GCBV 262


  • Blower and Vac
  • 26cc Easy start engine
  • 2 stroke mix
  • Air speed 55m2
  • Anti Vibration for long use
  • Dry Weight 4.3kgs
  • 2 year Warranty

This lightweight hand-held but powerful 26cc blower/vac is ideal for medium to large areas. The included shoulder strap also helps take the weight of the collection bag if the load becomes a burden to bare. It comes complete with a Gardencare easy starting engine, which blows at 55m/sec. Other features include easy use controls, anti-vibration system and a unique fuel filler cap design. The design of the fuel filler cap means that fuel is prevented from evaporating, which effectively reduces environmental pollution when the engine is not in use.

Tanaka TRB 250EAP


  • Displacement 24cc
  • Max power 0.84kw
  • Fuel tank capacity 0.52l
  • Air volume 12.5m3/min
  • Air Velocity 76m/sec
  • Dry weight 4.3kg

Tanaka TRB 24EAP Hand Held Blower is one of the lightest (only 4.3kg) and the most powerful at 441 CFM blower in its class. Available to both home owners and professionals. The TRB 24EAP is quick and simple to start, and features a low emission Pure Fire II engine and large throttle lever for easy operation. The exceptional balance and lighter weight make it ideal for small clean up, while it has the performance potential for larger yard work.

Hitachi RB24EAP


  • 24cc Purefire motor
  • 2 stroke engine
  • Air volume 12.5m3/min
  • Air velocity 76m/sec
  • Dry weight 3.9kg

This petrol leaf blower has a lightweight nature and a high velocity of 170mph, meaning that the Hitachi Handheld 24cc 2 Stroke Leaf Blower will make light work of even the largest of tasks. Thanks to its lightweight design, this handheld leaf blower is easy to manoeuvre and use. Weighing in at just 3.9kg, it features a large two-finger trigger style throttle for ease of operation.

Stiga SBL327V


  • Hand held blower
  • 27cc, 2 Stroke engine
  • Air volume 10.2m3/min
  • Air velocity 72m/sec
  • Dry weight 4.8kg
A superior petrol blower, the Stiga SBL 327 V combines all needs of domestic gardening for the effective and fast blowing of leaves from your lawn and paths or the vacuum collection of debris for a garden in perfect order. Equipped with a 27 cc engine, this Stiga petrol blower is a highly-specified machine of compact dimensions and well-balanced weight assuring superior manoeuvrability and fatigueless use. Limited vibrations thanks to an advanced system of springs isolating engine from handles, low noise and limited gas emissions. Vacuum kit with collecting bag included.

Tanaka THB 260PF



  • Top Handle Chainsaw
  • Engine 35.8cc
  • Bar length 30 cm(12″)
  • Output 1.50kw
  • Fuel tank capacity 0.33 litres
  • Start assist system ES-Start
  • Fuel consumption 0.88 L/h
  • Saw chain pitch 3/8″
Characterised by its superior blowing performance (393CFM), robust build-quality and advanced ergonomics, the Tanaka THB 260PF is ideal for intensive commercial use or homeowners seeking the best equipment available. Its powerful but clean-running and fuel efficient 24cc (1.3hp) Pure Fire engine is equipped with a Walbro diaphragm carburettor, an electronic ignition and a fuel primer for reliable starting; and it combines a heavy duty forged steel connecting-rod with a chrome plated, stress relieved cylinder to ensure a very lengthy service life. Operator comfort is obviously a key consideration when you’re taking on large scale applications with a hand held tool. The Tanaka THB 260PF ticks all the boxes in this regard, with its low-weight design, auxiliary handle (which allows for two-handed use), cruise control and a soft elastomer grip all working to make it a pleasure to use.


Echo EH-PB-580


  • Engine 58.2cc
  • Output 2.06kw
  • Air volume 882m3/H
  • Maximum air speed 96.4m/sec
  • Fuel tank capacity 1.8 litres
  • Fuel consumption 1.03 L/h
  • Dry Weight 10.3kgs
  • Vibration 2.0m/s2
ECHO’s PB-580 is a mid-sized backpack blower. Features include ventilated backpack pad, anti-vibration springs and padded shoulder straps which helps reduce fatigue and enhance user comfort thereby increasing productivity. A powerful 58.2cc engine has an output of 2.05kW and with the machine weighing just 10.3kg, the PB-580 has an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

Echo EH-PB-770


  • Engine 63.3cc
  • Output 3.05kw
  • Air volume 1290m3/H
  • Maximum air speed 104.6m/sec
  • Fuel tank capacity 2.0 litres
  • Fuel consumption 1.87 L/h
  • Dry Weight 11kgs
The Echo PB-770 is a Powerful, economical and low-maintenance blower with effective anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue. Rugged enough to tackle wet, heavy leaves and lawn debris, it’s more than a match for tough clean-up tasks. The simplified starting system and wide shoulder straps are designed for ultimate user comfort, so you can work comfortably, for longer.

Gardencare GCB650


  • Blower only
  • 65cc 2 Stroke engine
  • Air speed 55m2
  • Full Comfort back Harness
  • Dry Weight 11Kgs

Featuring a quiet Gardencare 65cc engine, the CB650 Backpack leaf blower is perfect for cleaning up leaves and debris in larger garden areas. Its ergonomically designed carrying frame and anti-vibration system allows for comfortable use when working over long periods of time. Its easy start engine also gives you peace of mind knowing that your machine will easily start with the first pull.

Dolmar MG 5300.4


  • Blower only
  • 52.5cc 2 Stroke engine
  • Air Volume 15m3
  • Air speed 82m/sec
  • Noise sound pressure 96.0 dB(A)
  • Noise K factor 1.6 dB(A)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 1.8 litres
  • Vibration Dampening 1
  • Dry Weight 8.9Kgs

This blower features characteristics demanded by professionals for continuous operation. Light weight, quick & easy starting, powerful air flow and low sound operation. In addition, the unit is designed to maximize operator comfort.

Efco SA 2062


  • Power 4.5 HP
  • Displacement 61.3 cc
  • Approx. Weight 20.6lbs
  • Air volume 620cfm
  • Air Velocity 202mph
  • Sound Rating 83db (A)
  • CARB & EPA Compliant
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 77.7 fl.oz.

The efco SA 2062 professional backpack blower designed for fast, powerful and efficient cleaning of larger jobs. Powerful, high performance engine with high air speed and volume. Throttle control ergonomically positioned directly on the discharge tube for operator comfort and control. Large paper air filter and compensating carburetor ensure efficiency when being used for extended periods of time and in dusty conditions. Extremely lightweight but strong polypropylene backpack frame. Large transparent fuel tank for easy monitoring. convenient carry handle. Three-piece steel crankshaft and forged connecting rod.

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